Safer Scenes Raising Money to Go on Warped Tour
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Safer Scenes Raising Money to Go on Warped Tour Apr 11th 2017, 19:27, by Jason Tate
Safer Scenes have launched a GoFundMe to head out on Warped Tour:

Sexual violence at music festivals is all too common. While this issue is getting increased media attention, there are still far too few resources for people who want to do something about it. In my work with music festivals looking to address this issue, I’ve seen a keen interest from the public, but a lack of concrete help available to them. I’m proud to have been part of a cultural shift and an educational revolution on the issue of safety at shows. Now it’s time to take the campaign across America.

I’m so excited that the amazing band War On Women has invited me to come along with them on Vans Warped Tour this summer! Together with Hollaback! Baltimore we are creating a Safer Scenes booth to be at every single one of the 41 dates of the summer 2017 season.



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