New Fall Out Boy Song Coming This Month
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New Fall Out Boy Song Coming This Month Jun 5th 2017, 20:11, by Jason Tate
Pete Wentz posted on Instagram that a new Fall Out Boy single will be coming out toward this end of this month and detailed a little about what to expect.

Our next song will be out towards the end of the month. but i really started to think that this one really reminds me of this moment in “the never-ending story”. It always stuck out to me as a kid- first they’re like “wait you’re just a kid lol we need a warrior” then they’re like “ok you’ll do i guess you’ll do” and then “no one can help you and if you don’t do this our entire world dies, so no pressure”. (Shout out to the face Atreyu makes after the guy is like “our whole world will be destroyed”). No one believes but at the same time we all need to believe in you. end of the month can’t come soon enough 💜 this one is for the kid warriors out there hunting the purple buffalo…

A post shared by Pete Wentz (@petewentz) on Jun 4, 2017 at 11:15pm PDT



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